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Daily Drum is the story of an inhabitant of Liege in Belgium. Romain has always been passionate about computers and, since a few years, about music.

The drums quickly became a second passion with this daily desire to learn more, discover new songs and create a band.

Another important point that has been the secret ingredient of this platform is the desire to share and make others discover.

Thus was born...

Daily Drum

With a growing catalog every week, Daily Drum Challenge offers you a multitude of songs to take on as challenges!

Drum sheets are provided as well as a built-in player. You can also change the tempo to match the groove to your rhythm and practice as you go.

After creating his online score editor, Romain thought... "Why not share it with everyone ?"

Thus was born...

Daily Drum

A completely online groove and drum score creation tool!

It is a solution that has been thought and developed so that everything is easily accessible to anyone, from any computer, from any smartphone.

You have the opportunity to create and save your own drum patterns with just a few clicks.

Once this tool was created, Romain thought ... "But, surely there are plenty of drummers who want to learn how to better master their instrument?"

Thus was born...

Daily Drum

This is the latest idea on the agenda. Create a platform where teachers and students can easily get in touch.

This feature is under development at this time. But whether you're looking for a face-to-face teacher, distance learning, or to purchase a pre-recorded course directly, we'll help you find it!

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